Dean is all of a sudden worried? Updated

Boy they ARE getting desperate! Two days in a row! Here is today’s DNC begging letter and my response!

Do you people understand the English language or Democracy at all???

I will give not one red cent to a party that disenfranchises voters in two states. When the DNC counts all the votes, as is, before the nomination, I will donate.

Until then, I will support the best qualified candidate. You know- the one without the ties to domestic terrorists like Ayers? The one with the substantive proposals? The one with the track record? The one with the experience? The one that won last night’s debate?

The one half the people in America are voting for?
Hillary Clinton for President!



Melissa Whitener

Tom McMahon wrote:

Dear Melissa,

Governor Dean wrote to you this week about the $120 million fund to remake John McCain and destroy Senator Clinton and Senator Obama.

As part of their plan, John McCain will start a “Compassion Tour” next week designed to position him as a different kind of Republican.

He’ll be going into inner city neighborhoods and economically depressed towns, trying to reach out to voters his party traditionally ignores.

Sound familiar? Know any other Republican politicians who have claimed to be a “compassionate conservative”?

We’ve seen this campaign before: a Republican candidate who holds a dangerous and wrong opinion on Iraq, supported by piles of lobbyist and special interest money, who works non-stop to look folksy and compassionate; a Republican candidate who knows nothing about jobs and the economy, fixing health care or a rational foreign policy.

We’ve also seen how it turns out. They’re able to use their money to get the White House — and Americans are left with four years of a dangerous Republican president.

We can’t let that happen again. We need you to contribute right now so we can counter John McCain’s “Compassion Tour,” and help fight the $120 million they’re going to throw at us.

John McCain is like George Bush in every way. We can’t let them take the White House again. Make a contribution today:

Tom McMahon
Executive Director
Democratic National Committee

—– Original Message —–

Subject: $120 million and the FEC
Date: Tue 15 April 2008 03:56:27 PM
From: Howard Dean
To: Tom McMahon

Below is an e-mail I received from Mr. Dean of DNC fame and my response. Make no mistake about it- Dean and the DNC (Pelosi, Brazile etc) are responsible for the mess we are in and I will not bail them out. I urge every recipient of e-mails such as this to reply in similar language. And for good measure, in addition to this response, I donated to Hillary today!

Dear Sir- You continue to send requests for money yet I have had no response to my request that the Florida and Michigan votes be counted, in full, as is.
As I have stated before, I will not give one red cent to the party until every vote counts! Your sudden concern about John McCain does not frighten me. You and Donna Brazile have created this situation for yourselves by cooking up a pot of rules that disenfranchise voters in your efforts to retain your power.
Count every vote then ask me for money!

Melissa Whitener

Howard Dean wrote:

Dear Melissa,
A recent report by the Associated Press has revealed that the Republican National Committee is pulling together a joint fund with John McCain called the “Victory Committee.” Its goal is to raise $120 million — which they’re sure to spend trying to destroy our candidates.
We’ve seen this before — we know they’re already launching attacks on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. And while they’re tearing them down, they’ll try to spin John McCain to the American people.
It’s a $120 million makeover fund, designed to make everyone forget about the last eight years of John McCain, George Bush, the war, the economy, Katrina, and a stunning lack of competency.
We can’t let John McCain and the RNC get away with it — Hillary and Barack need us to fight back while they’re trying to win the nomination.
That’s why I’m making an urgent request for you to help us with a contribution today — we have to keep up. They’ve got a head start, but we can stay competitive if you make a contribution right now:
This $120 million fund is about more than just money and negative ads though — it goes to the core of what John McCain pretends to be.
As a “maverick reformer,” he has repeatedly claimed to be a crusader for campaign finance reform, but he has shown little regard for campaign finance law. At the same time, he’s staffed the highest levels of his campaign with Washington lobbyists, with one of them going so far as to work out of McCain’s campaign bus.
I emailed at the end of February about McCain’s decision to break the law and unilaterally withdraw from primary matching funds. We filed a complaint with the FEC that many of you signed your support for, but it has been unable to act.
So yesterday, we sued the FEC to force an investigation into whether McCain has violated campaign finance law. We refuse to let his campaign go unchecked, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure he is held accountable.
It takes a lot to raise $120 million, but John McCain’s staff of lobbyists knows they can count on checks from their friends and special interests. They can’t raise the money they need without it.
So this is what we’re up against — a $120 million fundraising push, an opponent who’s already broken campaign finance law, a team of lobbyists who have plenty of friends to help them get the cash they need to trash our candidates, and an FEC that is unable to act on our complaint.
We need to stay competitive, and the only way to do that is for you to make a contribution right now:
Your contribution means we stay competitive. It means we can go out and respond to the Republican attacks while Hillary and Barack work to become our party’s nominee.
And your support means we can show the Republicans that, as in 2005, 2006 and 2007, Democrats plan to compete everywhere — and win.
Thanks for all that you do,
Howard Dean



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