PAC requests

When trying to explain to friends Obama’s misleading ads saying he doesn’t take money from lobbyists I noted that he takes money from employees of some big companies. Having been subjected to such a request from a company I used to work for I know how it works. Below is an image of a letter every manager received from my ex-employer. Note that the high muckety mucks state that money is an important part of the American political process. Support the PAC and influence (buy) our legislators! How very American!

Golden Corral PAC

Next is the “Suggested Contribution” attachment from the same letter.


Certainly, all of this is quite legal. It is called “bundling.” You get some high rollers to talk their employees into making contributions and bundle it all together. The high roller gets credit for being a big fundraiser and the employees get ? The corporate big wigs can make their maximum allowable contribution and then give even more by corralling their employees.

Then people like Obama can put the spin on and CLAIM they do not take money from lobbyists. He can claim to be raising money from ordinary voters without ever explaning bundling.
Well, here is bundling for all to see and it IS special interest money!

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