Can Obama qualify for security clearance???

3. The Concern. An individual must be of unquestioned allegiance to the United States. The willingness to safeguard classified information is in doubt if there is any reason to suspect an individual’s allegiance to the United States.

4. Conditions that could raise a security concern and may be disqualifying include:

(a) involvement in, support of, training to commit, or advocacy of any act of sabotage, espionage, treason, terrorism, or sedition against the United States of America;
(b) association or sympathy with persons who are attempting to commit, or who are committing, any of the above acts;

(c) association or sympathy with persons or organizations that advocate, threaten, or use force or violence, or use any other illegal or unconstitutional means, in an effort to:
(1) overthrow or influence the government of the United States or any state or local government;
(2) prevent Federal, state, or local government personnel from performing their official duties;

(3) gain retribution for perceived wrongs caused by the Federal, state, or local government;

(4) prevent others from exercising their rights under the Constitution or laws of the United States or of any state.

Certainly Obama has an association with a person, Bill Ayers of Weather Underground fame, who has, by Ayers own admission, committed acts of sabotage. Mr. Ayers is unrepentant and states he wishes he had set more bombs. Mr. Obama worked for the Wood Fund, where Ayers serves on the board.

The activities documented by caucus workers in Texas and posted in videos on You-Tube are good examples of item 4, preventing others from exercising their rights. Check out the videos of a caucus goer posted on you-Tube- there are MANY MANY more!

The next deals with
6. The Concern. Foreign contacts and interests may be a security concern if the individual has divided loyalties or foreign financial interests, may be manipulated or induced to help a foreign person, group, organization, or government in a way that is not in U.S. interests, or is vulnerable to pressure or coercioon by any foreign interest. Adjudication under this Guideline can and should consider the identity of the foreign country in which the foreign contact or financial interest is located, including, but not limited to, such considerations as whether the foreign country is known to target United States citizens to obtain protected information and/or is associated with a risk of terrorism.
7. Conditions that could raise a security concern and may be disqualifying include:

(a) contact with a foreign family member, business or professional associate, friend, or other person who is a citizen of or resident in a foreign country if that contact creates a heightened risk of foreign exploitation, inducement, manipulation, pressure, or coercion;

Reuter’s has a story about the Kenyan government spokesman charging Raila Odinga and his supporters with ethnic cleansing.

Now what does this have to do with Obama?? Odinga claims he is Obama’s cousin! Check out Odinga’s election web-page and you tell me if you see any similarities to Obama’s (hint” look at the bottom of the page- notice the word “change??”)

Do you think that Odinga or other members of Obama’s Kenyan family will try to pressure or induce Obama to support Odinga’s policies? Obama campaigned for Odinga (Odinga lost and then claimed the election was rigged. Shades of things to come her in th U.S. maybe?)
Not enough for you- how about an Obama relative in China??? You know, the China we owe huge amounts of money to, the China that is being protested for their treatment of Tibet?
Check out this bit from a NY times piece by Roger Cohen

“My understanding is that this half brother living in China is Mark. He’s the son of Obama’s father and an American woman named Ruth, whom Obama Sr. met while at Harvard in the 1960s and brought back to Kenya.

That was after his marriage with Obama’s mother in Hawaii ended. Another son from the union with Ruth, called David, was killed in a motorcycle accident. In all, Obama Sr. fathered eight children by four women.”

Apparently this Mark studied physics at Stanford and now works in China.

Geez Louise- I am just an average American and it took just a few simple Google searches to find this stuff! Can the U.S. government not do its job??? For crying out loud, the man is a walking security risk and he wants to be PRESIDENT???

I hope common sense breaks out really soon!


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  1. How original it will be to have a president that doesn’t pass security clearance?

    Would he be allowed to have access to the red button?


  2. Due to his colleagues and friends, who are thoroughly interviewed along with neighbors, professors, family, etc…Obama wouldn’t be able to get an ENTRY level job with the CIA, FBI, Border Patrol, etc., for his associations with Wright, Ayers and Farakhan. They would turn him flat down!!!

    He should not get ANY security clearance or be eligible to run for Commander in Chief!!!!

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