Please God I want to wake up! Updated with video by Flineo!

Please God this is a nightmare and I am going to wake up soon! I feel as if I am in some horrid dream in which America has become the old U.S.S.R with cries for “party unity” ringing in my ears. The party bosses are busy feeding propaganda to the people and demanding all “good” “card carrying” “party members” buckle under and get with the program. The party bosses have selected “the candidate” and who are we to question them? How dare we disagree?

What? We, the people, want to question the bosses??? No, no, no- not allowed- “PARTY UNITY!!!”

We, the people, choose to point out the bias of the propaganda machine??? No! NO! NO! “Party Unity” they cry. “You are not Democrats, you are helping destroy “THE PARTY.””

Point out flaws in the “chosen?” You must be a Republican, you are destroying “THE PARTY!”

Count all the votes??? NO, NO, NO! Those people knew the RULES! They broke the RULES! Those people went against “The PARTY!” They must be punished, they WILL be punished! “We, the party bosses, the elite, we made the rules! All good party members will follow the rules or suffer.” “Our votes are more equal than your votes.”

The Party feeds the media frenzy, trying to suppress and destroy the resistance. On and on and on, the same droning day after day. “Give up!” “Give In!” “Peasants, listen to your betters!” “We have been ruling you for your own good.” “We know what is best for you!” “No independent thought; that is dangerous to “PARTY UNITY!” “Withdraw for the good of the party!” “Resistance is futile!”

Vote for the best qualified candidate? The candidate with plans, with a record? The candidate that half the people want to elect? How dare we question their plans?

Please God, I want to wake up! And please God, if I can’t wake up and this is not a nightmare, give me the courage to resist!

video by Flineo


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  1. DNC need to remember that it’s our vote. It’s our right. They can’t tell us how to vote.

    Democratic Party is in the worst slump in its history. The DNC elite forgot what the party supposes to stand for.

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