My loyalty is to America not the Democratic Party

The fathers of the revolution were much acquainted with the dangers of misguided loyalty. I find Samuel Adam’s writing applicable to the call for party unity resounding from those who “derive their powers from us to serve the common interests.”
As a long time Democratic voter I hear the hue and cry of Pelosi and Dean and wonder if they truly have the good of the “party” OR the people in mind. What is their true intent? Where are they trying to lead us?? Are we, as voters, to pay homage to “the party” at the expense of our country? Will we allow ourselves to be dependent on, submissive to, “the instrument of our ruin?”
Surely in their efforts to stop the primary process and bar the votes of millions they have become in Mr. Adams words, rebels against the undoubted rights and liberties of the people. There is in the higher ranks of the party a demand that we stop examining the candidate they so inexplicably are trying to foist on us. They are asking us to place our loyalty in the party; the same party that is blocking the votes of millions of people and trying desperately to stifle the votes of millions more by calling for the candidate who has the support of half the party to concede, to withdraw!
I find myself questioning the loyalty of the Deans, Pelosis and Kennedys of the party when they actively seek to quell the voices of the people they purport to represent. Are we not to be allowed to “remonstrate our grievances” and “point out methods of relief?” Is this not part and parcel of voting?
The question for me becomes more and more complex. To what or to whom are these party hacks loyal? What is the motive behind their unreasonable insistence on a candidate with a very slim record? Why call for a candidate with strength, intelligence and a proven record to withdraw before the process has run its course? It comes down to the age old question- What’s in it for them?
Power- that is what is in it for them. Power and greed. They are loyal to themselves.

I will not make the mistake Samuel Adams warned against. I will not be dependent upon, submissive to or pay homage to this instrument of ruin that the Democratic Party is in danger of becoming.

My loyalty is first and foremost to my country and I will vote for the candidate I believe is the best choice to lead us in the days ahead. The party needs to understand I will not engage in blind loyalty when I believe it will be a danger to my country. I will not be told for whom to cast my vote!

Samuel Adams on misplaced loyalty

Loyalty and Sedition (1748)
It is a very great mistake to imagine that the object of loyalty is the authority and interest of one individual man, however dignified by the applause or enriched by the success of popular actions. This has led millions into such a degree of dependence and submission, that they have at length found themselves to homage the instruments of their ruin at the very time they were at work to effect it. The true object of loyalty is a good legal constitution, which, as it condemns every instance of oppression and lawless power, derives a certain remedy to the sufferer by allowing him to remonstrate his grievances, and pointing out methods of relief when the gentle arts of persuasion have lost their efficacy. Whoever, therefore, insinuates notions of government contrary to the constitution, or in any degree winks at any measures to suppress or even to weaken it, is not a loyal man. Whoever acquaints us that we have no right to examine into the conduct of those who, though they derive their power from us to serve the common interests, make use of it to impoverish and ruin us, is in a degree a rebel – to the undoubted rights and liberties of the people. He that despises his neighbor’s happiness because he wears a worsted cap or leathern apron, he that struts immeasurably above the lower size of people, and pretends to adjust the rights of men by the distinctions of fortune, is not over loyal. He that aggravates beyond measure the well-meant failings of a warm zeal for liberty, he that leaves no stone unturned to defend and propagate the schemes of illegal power, cannot be esteemed a loyal man. Indeed, the reverse use of these words may possibly find authorities in some parts of the world where language and sense are deluged in the torrent of arbitrary power.


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  1. Amen.

  2. I agree with you 100%. I agree that our loyalty should be to America, not the Democratic or any other party.

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