The Surpressed Eulogy

I have been very curious as to why nobody seems able to locate a copy of “The Trumpet” containing the eulogy for Asa Hilliard written and delivered by Jeremiah Wright. The media has been quoting parts of the eulogy noting that Pastor Wright calls Italians “garlic-nosed” and giving references to “lynching” Italian style.
In an effort to be fair minded and read the whole sermon, I went to Googling the “Trumpet.” HM MM, very strange, all issues have disappeared from the Internet. As another writer, I think it was Flea Flicker, (apologies to the writer if it was not Flea Flicker, get with me and I will give you credit) pointed out in another publication, not an easy task to just make things disappear from the Net. I did find a cached version of the Nov-Dec issue, with the first page of the eulogy. It continued on page thirty, which was not cached.
Now I was getting REALLY curious. What was in this eulogy that could be so inflammatory as to cause it to be eliminated (is suppressed to strong a word?) When you follow the link to the Trumpet, you get re-directed to another page. Not willing to give up, I continued searching.
On a discussion board I did find what purports to be a copy of the eulogy. Seems a participant in the discussion board was very upset that the bad old media was once again taking the poor Reverend out of context. Said participant provided a link so others could read the entire eulogy and see the Italian comments in context. AH HA, just what I wanted- to read the whole thing, to get the “context.”
What an eye-opener! The eulogy does praise Dr. Hilliard for his life’s work. The eye-opening part is what the media is not telling us. Given that the Texas County conventions are upon us and that the National convention is being held in Denver, I offer the following (out of context) as the reason this is being suppressed. I do not think the people of Texas view the Alamo in quite the same way as Rev. Wright. And what the people of Denver would think of the comments regarding their city remains to be seen.

“On August 22, 1933, in Galveston, he was born. From his birth to his death, like Jesus, Asa lived his whole life under the oppressive heel of white supremacy. From his birth in 1933 in the segregated South, in Galveston, Texas!Texas! That’s the state that did not want to be a state. The state that tried to pull out from the United States, tried to force Mexico to return the runaway Africans. The Battle of the Alamo was fought over the issue of African slaves.Texas said yes to slavery and the Mexicans spoke in Whitney Houston “tongues” and said “Hell to the Naw” to slavery; and so the Battle of the Alamo had nothing to do with General Custer. It had to do with Kwame, Akosua, Kojo, Kofi and Yaa who refused to be slaves in a sick system of white supremacy.Asa was born in Texas. Bay City, Texas is near Jasper, Texas. Jasper Texas of Rodney King and James Byrd infamy. Both Rodney King and James Byrd, distant cousins of Asa’s, were from Jasper, Texas. Asa was born in a climate of white supremacy.”

Now to his comments about Denver,

“One of his teachers thought he was too dumb to learn Algebra Some of his college classmates firmly believed in the ideology of “Old Black Joe.” The city of Denver conspired to constrict him, consigned him to an education of the hand-Manual Training School-not an education of the head.”

Of course this is taken out of context and for those who would like to read the same version I read, I provide a link.×5282479 If any reader believes this link does not provide an accurate copy of the eulogy I invite you to provide a copy direct from the original publication of “The Trumpet.”
My suspicions, however, remain. The eulogy cites scripture and shows Dr. Hilliard as a man of strength. He fought through discrimination and became a scholar of distinction. Why suppress it???
Has the Mass Media suddenly had an attack of conscience and decided never to take anything out of context again? Or have they decided that this might be bad for their Golden Boy?
The conclusion I come to is that somebody is very, very afraid that the people of Texas might not take too kindly to Dr. Wright’s version of the Alamo. Somebody is afraid perhaps that Denver too might be offended?


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  1. Alas, much of the Trumpet has disappeared, but not from the internet Wayback machine. Much of it has been captured but it doesn’t matter anyways, does it? Considering that Leland Gaunt is protected and chosen to take us to our destiny. Or so it might seem. For now.

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