The Winds of Change

Sitting here in front of my computer I am listening to the roar of the wind and it got me to thinking of Hillary’s plans for energy independence and green jobs. Here in NW PA we live in area ripe for the development of wind farms and desperate for good jobs that pay a decent wage. Common sense tells me the wind is a resource that is clean and renewable. I am sure many more areas of this great country have wind and water that can be used to combat the flow of capital out of the country.
Hillary has sound, well thought out plans to reduce our dependence on oil. I am sure I am not the only American who is angry about paying over $3.00 a gallon for gas while the oil companies reap record profits and enjoy tax breaks. “Hillary would give oil companies a choice: invest more in renewable energy technology or pay into a Strategic Energy Fund.”
I urge everybody to use common sense and vote for the candidate with solid, common sense plans for reducing our dependence on the oil companies.
Hillary’s plans can be read in detail at

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