Common Sense applies to Politics too!

I have decided to move away from blogging about child-rearing for the time being. There is a force, a very scary force, loose in our great country. Common sense and a sense of patriotism dictate that I fight with all my being against the fraud being foisted on an unsuspecting electorate. The myth of Obama must not go unchallenged!

Hillary Clinton is in a very tight race with Obama, yet his minions urge her to drop out. Obama has associated with a racist pastor for twenty years. He has accomplished virtually nothing in his time in the Senate. The tighter the race gets and the lower his numbers go, the more his campaign screeches for her to quit.

Well, Hillary will not quit. Hillary has the experience, the guts, the knowledge, the record and the COMMON SENSE necessary to be President of the United States and Commander in Chief.

Common sense says when you are exposed for associating for 20 years with a raving lunatic who spews racism and G— D— America from the pulpit, you withdraw. Obama has not one shred of common sense ( if he had, he would not have picked said lunatic to be his mentor and spiritual advisor.)

This blog will henceforth be posting for Hillary. Some posts will be links to other authors much more talented than humble Gram. Some will be links to informative articles . Some will be my own musings.

All will be dedicated to the goal of electing Hillary Clinton the next President of the United States.

God Bless America!

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