Another of the many reasons I am voting for Hillary

I am voting for Hillary for many reasons but wanted to share one in particular.Affordable health care in this country is an oxymoron for many. We have health insurance through my husband’s job. However, said policy has a $500 per year preventative health care limit.I called the insurance company last year to verify they would cover the HPV vaccine for my daughter after being advised by the doctor’s office that they probably would not cover this potentially lifesaving vaccine. I was assured they would cover the vaccine. What they did not tell me was that they would only cover up to the $500 dollar limit. As my daughter was going off to college, she also needed the meningitis shot, one for chicken pox, and a booster for tetanus. plus the cost of the exam and her gyn exam and pap smear.Of course all this added up to much more than the $500. SO- I, who had a bout with severe dysplsia, the pre-cursor to cervical cancer, did not have my annual Pap smear or gyn exam.This is the choice I have to make. Do I, who have lived probably two thirds of my life, get a critical pap smear or do I spend that $500 preventative care limit on my daughter who has all of her life before her? Of course, I did as I think most mothers would- the health care goes to my daughter. It is my belief that when Hillary is elected President she will work hard to fight against the insurance companies who care nothing about our health. I believe Hillary can and will bring affordable health care to every American.Hillary has been fighting the insurance companie’s inanities for a very long time. It is time we help her.Vote Hillary and vote for health care for all.

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