It’s about judgement!

Some of the respondents to my earlier post seem to have missed the point; suggesting I should listen to the whole sermon or read “the speech.” Let me be very clear and go back again to how I was raised. When I went to high school there were still required classes. Every student went through a set of classes that were considered necessary to your ability to go out into the world as a responsible citizen. One of those classes was CIVICS! A required class sadly missing from most high school curriculums today.In civics class we were taught how local, state and national politcs worked. How to research the candidates and come to an informed decision. (Much more difficult in those days- no internet; you actually had to go to the trouble of reading the newspaper and writing to candidates to get their policy proposals.) We did have the advantage of reporters who actually reported news! Who did their homework and reported to the citizens the results of their research, not the scandal of the moment.As a result of taking civics I, and many other “typical Americans,” learned it was our duty to cast our vote for a candidate on the issues. We investigate, we research, we decide. Long ago I looked at all the candidates. I looked at the candidate’s Senate voting records; Sen. Obama’s was almost identical to Sen. Clinton’s. In the course of my research I went to the candidates web pages to read their postion statements. His proposals on the issues that matter, health care, the economy, the war, again, very close to Clinton’s.

Putting to use the lesson’s learned in Civics class, I made up my mind for Hillary based on her record and experience and the belief she is the candidate who can win in the electoral college states we need to take back the White House. She seemed to me the candidate best prepared to face the Republicans in the coming fight. What the recent revelations have done is to convince me I made the right choice. Sen. Obama clearly has shown he is a very poor judge of character. I can not, in good conscience, vote for a man who sees no need to leave a church where for twenty years he has been indoctrinated in his pastor and spiritual advisor’s Anti-American ravings. The recent revelations have made me very grateful for the education I received in an American public school. I can only wish for a day when civics is once again required in our schools. When all students are taught once again that it is a blessing and a priviledge to be an American. That voting is a grave responsibility, never to be taken for granted, for too many of the people in the world do not have the right to elect their leaders. That excersing that right is an obligation to be undertaken seriously; with careful research of the facts. That we are to use our best judgement in casting our vote for the lives of many depend on selecting a leader whose judgement we can trust.I did my homework. I watched and read “THE SPEECH.” It did not change my mind. I can not trust Obama’s judgement. My son’s life may depend on it.

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