I am a "Typical" Mom

I posted this as a diary on another site.

A little background first- I was born on the Fourth of July (capitalized on purpose.) My birthday celebration was, and still is, always tied up in the celebration of our country’s birth. From the time I was a child it was instilled in me that it was an HONOR to share my birthday with my country. My grandmother came here from Scotland and thanked God every day for the wonderful country that accepted her and allowed her to STRIVE for a better life for her children. My grandfather, a jewish man, came here from England; his family having escaped from Prussia. He too was grateful for the opportunity he found in this country. I am an AMERICAN! My grandparents were proud to be here and they taught us to be proud Americans. They taught us we should be grateful we live in this country where no matter how poor we are, we are still far better off than citizens of any other country. They taught us to sing, with meaning, “God Bless America, Land that I love.” My best friend growing up was a girl of mixed race. We had 163 children on our street (we took a census of our own one year.) Not one family had a problem with their children playing together. We were all just the children of the neighborhood. All children were welcome in every home and business establishment so long as we behaved and used our manners. We were in Scouts together, went to school and church together, played together and learned we were priviledged to be Americans. Not Irish Americans, or Jewish Ameircnas, or African Americans or Italian, Scottish or German Americans- just Americans!Today, I am an angry American. I am weeping for my country. My son is serving in the Armed Forces, proudly! He too was taught that it is an honor and a priviledge to be an American. Last week, the media finally exposed a presidential candidates association with a lunatic who rages “G-D America.” And this presidential candidate’s supporters are OK with that, want to justify such horrible hateful language. This candidate’s pastor, mentor and spiritual advisor wants to call my country and its Armed Forces murderers!

I am an American! I am proud and grateful to have been born here. I thank God that my son and million of others are willing to defend our country, including those who hate her but are nonetheless citizens. And I am angry! So, to Sen. Obama and his supporters I say this- I have voted Democratic all my life. I might have voted for you if you were the Democratic nominee. Not now, not ever!I do not believe a word you say Sen. Obama. Just as I was taught day in and day out that we are all equal,that God loves everybody and that being an American is a blessing and believe it in the core of my being, you were taught for twenty years to hate our country. For twenty years!I am a typical Mom. My son’s life and the lives of all our service men and women is too important to me. I love them and will do all I can to protect them as they do their duty. You have not shown you can use the brains and the judgement God gave you. I can not in good conscience vote to put you in the postion of Commander in Chief. This typical Mom says “No.”


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  1. For all the young men and women who have been dying for our country, I abhor anyone who is closely aligned with Americans who hate our country. I could not agree with you more on this one. God Bless America!
    May Her Flag Always Fly Free!

    Take Care, Sharon
    –> Speak Up For Hillary

  2. I call myself Optima Mater to my children. I am a retiree from another state, now a disinfranchised voter in Florida. I have learned a lot through this campaign process: the media spouts biased nonsense on a 24/7 basis – and that women pundits and media go right along with the game plan to the detriment of their gender; a woman is still given a trial by fire when she steps out of the boundaries set for her in our good ole boy system; our daughters do not know enough of the struggles and pitfalls that women have encountered for generations – as well as women’s triumphs; our sons think they can slip into the top job of the world with little resume and little experience;and that the black americans continue to be instilled with hatred for the white race and hatred for our country – this used to be done in the schools but since segregation it has been accomplished in the black church;that our country has been turned upside down and sideways in the last few decades…all while Americans were asleep at the wheel. I hope this campaign provides the lessons that freedom is not free and that freedom must be protected at all times!If the SuperDelegates do what they were intended to do; and vote for the most elecable candidate in November – then Hillary will be our nominee for I do not see how ANY true American can tolerate such racism and hatred from a pastor or a president. If Hillary somehow gets bamboozled or hoodwinked or okey doaked out the nomination, then hello President McCain.

    Disinfranchised in Florida

  3. Thanks for the comments.
    To Optima Mater- their are many, many of us fighting for your vote to count.
    I have a lot of in-laws in Fl and they are fighting mad. they absolutely will not allow the DNC or the media to shove that man down our throats.
    Keep praying that common sense breaks out!

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